Evelyn’s Story: Navigating a New Autism Diagnosis

Seeking an Autism diagnosis for your child can be overwhelming. Getting a diagnosis can be a long and complicated process for parents between the initial identification of symptoms, voicing their suspicions to medical professionals, and then finding the right services and supports. Often parents find themselves navigating new services to find the right supports for […]

Remarkable People with Disabilities

People with developmental disabilities have existed in society since the beginning of time, but they have rarely been given the opportunity to showcase their strengths and successes in conjunction with their challenges and diagnoses. The remarkable people highlighted here will show that limitation is not an inherent part of a developmental disability diagnosis. There are […]

Why Developmental Disability Awareness is Important

Why is developmental disability awareness so important? It’s a vital step towards equity, inclusion, and representation. In this post we are taking a brief look at the long history of the mistreatment of people with disabilities BEFORE awareness and advocacy were “a thing”. WHAT IS A DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY? Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions […]

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