Housemate Finder Memberships

The two Housemate Finder Memberships:

Housemate Finder Individual is for those looking for new housemates or living situations and is ideal for those seeking Indiana Medicaid waiver funding. People with disabilities may find better housemates and living situations here also! A parent or caregiver can also create a profile for the individual looking for a new housemate. Self-Advocates, we built this membership for you!

Housemate Finder Professional  is for professionals like case managers, care coordinators, Medicaid waiver residential providers, and others who assist multiple individuals who may be looking for new housemates or living situations. The Professional membership gives the professional (and primary account holder) the ability to manage up to 10 sub-accounts so they can support multiple individuals looking for housemates in a HIPPA-compliant environment.


All Housemate Finder Memberships are free!

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Housemate Finder for Individuals
Create and manage your own profile and housemate search.
Develop a profile that shows potential housemates who YOU are! Share the things you like and choose the qualities you are looking for in a housemate.
Only share the information you want to share. It is up to you to tell your story.
Evaluate your potential matches, initiate conversations, and choose your next step..
Connect and communicate with potential matches on YOUR timeline and schedule.
Arrange your own meet-and-greets with potential housemate matches.
Enjoy a HIPPA-compliant environment where you choose what people know about you. Your profile information stays private until you and your potential housemate approve of a "friendship".
Housemate Finder for Professionals
Create and manage up to 10 subaccounts from your primary profile.
Assign or reassign those sub-accounts as the housing needs of the individuals you support change.
Allow those you support the ability to be involved in their housemate and assist with oversight as they wish. Be as involved as the individual or guardian/caregiver wishes!
PROMOTE SELF-ADVOCACY! Give those you support the ability to be active and involved participants in their housemate search. Assist with oversight as they wish. Be as involved as the individual or guardian/caregiver wishes!
Help review potential matches and/or facilitate conversations between those you support and their potential matches.
No doom-scrolling through a spreadsheet of people looking for housemates that may or may not contain up-to-date information. We’ve built-in checks to the system to try to help everyone keep their information current.
Let Housemate Finder suggest profiles that may be potential matches for the individual you support.
Get suggestions on how to build a successful profile to get the best potential match results.
This is a HIPPA compliant environment! Professionals will need to upload a HIPPA release for each sub-account they support.

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