Housemate Finder for Professionals

Why get a Housemate Finder for Professionals Membership?

  • Create and manage up to 10 sub-accounts from your primary profile.
  • Assign or reassign those sub-accounts as the housing needs of the individuals you support change.
  • PROMOTE SELF-ADVOCACY! Give those you support the ability to be active and involved participants in their housemate search. Assist with oversight as they wish. Be as involved as the individual or guardian/caregiver wishes!
  • Help review potential matches and/or facilitate conversations between those you support and their potential matches.
  • No doom-scrolling through a spreadsheet of people looking for housemates that may or may not contain up-to-date information. We’ve built-in checks to the system to try to help everyone keep their information current.
  • Let Housemate Finder suggest profiles that may be potential matches for the individual you support.
  • Get suggestions on how to build a successful profile to get the best potential match results.
  • This is a HIPPA complaint environment! Professionals will need to upload a HIPPA release for each sub-account they support.
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