Employee Spotlight: Valerie Cassity

by | Oct 10, 2022 | AL Blog, Employee Spotlight

Advocacy Links Connections Specialist, Valerie Cassity, was awarded the Claudia Thomas Lifetime Achievement award in September 2022 for her unwavering commitment and dedication to helping others.

This special award is a tribute to our friend and co-worker, Claudia Thomas, who was taken from us in 2021. The award’s namesake, Claudia Thomas, dedicated her life to helping others both in her personal and professional life. Claudia’s memory lives on through this award, as we recognize those who have spent over 10 years with Advocacy Links and who also live our mission statement of advocating for people who need help, connecting people to fiscally responsible resources, and respecting everyone in the process.

Valerie is an amazing advocate, responsive, and eager to help. She is an incredible resource not only for those she supports but for her co-workers as well. Valerie, thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey and for being such a valuable member of the Advocacy Links Team.

Valerie is our Employee Spotlight for October 2022, and we asked her these questions to help share a little bit about who Valerie is.

What is your official job title?

– Connection Specialist

Where do you live?

– Goshen, IN

Why do you work at Advocacy Links?

– I believe in Advocacy Link’s mission. It is a company with Integrity that believes in the people it supports.

What are the most valuable skills you bring to your position at Advocacy Links?

– Many years in the field. Assessment of issues and finding solutions to those issues. Communication skills.

What is your favorite thing about working in this field?

– Supporting individuals to live the life they choose.

What was your first job?

– Newspaper Route

Where is your happy place?

– Anywhere my family is – which is hopefully on a beach.

Do you have a favorite quote? 

– “I love you more than my luggage.”

What is your favorite hobby or something you do that brings you joy?

– Socializing with a good cup of coffee.

What is your hidden talent?

– Being able to only pull out “Karen” when warranted.

Choose your superpower! Your choices are: Invisibility, Invulnerability, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, or Time Stopping

– Invulnerability

Thank you for everything you do Valerie! You are so appreciated!

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