Employee Spotlight: Aunah Knab

by | Nov 1, 2022 | AL Blog, Employee Spotlight

Our November Employee Spotlight goes to Aunah!

Aunah is a Life Consultant with Advocacy Links’ PLACE Division. Life Consultants plan, coordinate, and facilitate community events in the areas they live. Aunah has been creating events in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, and always has fun and fresh ideas!

She brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to her position and is not afraid to reach out to new people to talk to them about what we are doing. She’s an asset to our team and we are glad to have her fun energy behind our Fort Wayne events!

We subjected Aunah to our beloved Staff Spotlight Questionaire. Here are her answers:

Why do you work at Advocacy Links?

I love the mission of Advocacy Links! We get to help people in a multitude of ways instead of focusing on just one area. I love being able to plan fun events for our consumers and meeting new people!

What are the most valuable skills you bring to your position at Advocacy Links?

My most valuable skill is being able to talk about anything. I feel as though I can relate to anyone in some way. I love talking and learning about people!

What is your favorite thing about working in this field?

Meeting new people!

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is somewhere on a trail… surrounded by plants and animals.

What is your favorite hobby, or something that you do that brings you joy?

I love working out and going to barre class more specifically. I am also a huge movie fanatic.

What is your hidden talent?

Doing ten things at once!

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