Beyond the Injury: Living a Full Life with TBI Through Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver

by | May 20, 2024 | AL Blog, Care Management services

When someone has a TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury, it’s because their brain was injured suddenly, like from a fall, a car accident, or a hard hit to the head. This injury can change a lot for them. They may find it hard to think clearly, talk, walk, or manage their feelings. It’s a tough road to travel, but there’s definitely help and hope out there. Living with a TBI means adjusting to big changes. It’s more than just letting the physical injuries heal. People often have to learn how to do simple tasks all over again and discover new ways to do things they used to do without thinking. Challenges like speaking, remembering, or handling noisy places can make every day unpredictable, filled with ups and downs. But through all this, it’s important to remember the strength and courage it takes to face these challenges head-on.

Recovering from a TBI can take a lot of care and support. This is where the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver comes into play. It’s a special program made to help people with a brain injury get the care they need.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver offers several kinds of help. It can cover things like having someone to help with daily tasks at home, getting to and from doctor’s appointments, and therapy sessions. These services are designed to help people with TBI live as independently as possible. It’s about giving them the tools and support they need to rebuild their lives and regain their independence.

Getting started with the waiver is a step toward recovery. If you or someone you know has a TBI, finding out more about this waiver is a good idea. You can reach out to local area agency on aging. They can guide you on how to apply and get the benefits. Remember, you’re not alone. There’s help out there, and with the right support, people with TBI can continue to live fulfilling lives.

Since 2012, Advocacy Links has been helping older adults and people with disabilities, including those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), by providing case management and care management services. Their trained care managers offer vital support that allows individuals to live at home, avoiding nursing facility placement. These services improve lives by ensuring personalized care focused on health and wellness, adjusting plans as needed to preserve dignity and quality of life. We provide Care Management services for the TBI and A&D (soon to be Health and Wellness) waivers in the following Indiana counties: Kosciusko, Marshall, Elkhart, Fulton

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