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A grievance is a written complaint by a consumer, provider or employee dealing with any dispute or situation where someone feels they have not been given fair treatment.

4.003 - Grievance Form - 20151211

Complaint Policy

You have rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Indiana.  Your Case Manager provided you with a copy of the Waiver Participant’s Rights & Responsibilities (AL 4.001) as well as the document entitled "DDRS Waiver Manual." which further outlines these rights.  These resources are provided in writing and in the waiver participant’s usual mode of communication to the waiver participant, and their legal representative, if applicable, at the beginning of service delivery and at least annually thereafter.  Your Case Manager will advocate for you to insure that these rights have not been infringed upon.

Complaint Policy Form

Documentation of Problem

While advocating for people we support, it is common to encounter problems with other agencies. Advocacy Links, LLC strives to resolve problems in the most professional method possible.

Documentation Form for Problem Resolution